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Visual and web design

From inspiring new brands to reach new heights, to bringing existing brands closer to customers, we combine technology and creativity to bring people closer to the products, services and experiences they love.

  • Web design
    In order to achieve your business goals, you need a functional and unique website and an experience that will win over your customers.
  • Graphics design
    A unique business experience adds value, motivates employees, delights customers and improves your company’s reputation.
  • Digital marketing
    Analyzing data and market trends helps your business to set realistic business goals in cooperation with Tangerine.
  • Web and server maintenance
    We create digital solutions that encourage emotion and visitor interaction, and which are simple and intuitive to use.

Understanding what drives your customers and where they overlap with your business goals makes it easier for us to discover the ideal path for strategic development. With this data, we develop approaches to design, marketing and optimization.

  • Business development
    Providing support in the expansion of the distribution retail and wholesale network for the client – consulting, negotiation and defining the strategy/key customers. Defining actions and special offers/favors.
  • eCommerce placement
    Defining the assortment, listing (images, descriptions, prices) on all relevant web shops in Croatia, managing and defining actions and special offers, taking care of the active and inactive assortment, maintaining relations with customers and expanding the same network.
  • Social media & community marketing
    Managing Facebook and Instagram profiles, answering messages with your support and creating a marketing and visual strategy, along with creating graphics for the feed and custom made stories.
  • Event management
    Organizing various types of events for business and promotional purposes. Choosing a location, creating a guest list, sending invitations, arranging food and drinks and decorating the space.
  • Influencer marketing
    Creating a base of organic and paid influencers, keeping statistics, designing creative campaigns, using discount codes.
  • PR and campaigns
    Designing a strategy, writing text with proofreading, organization of promo (photo/video) material (at the client’s expense), media rental, sending a digital campaign, organization of sending a PR package and making a follow-up.
  • Blog
    Writing SEO-optimized native articles with links to direct purchases leads to more clicks on the webshop and the creation of a base of new customers/those who are not yet customers.
  • E-mail marketing
    Sending specialized newsletters to the already existing customer base (if any) and spreading it; in addition to the B2C segment, it is possible to manage the database of the B2B segment – regular sending of notifications about novelties, promotions and special offers.

Other services


Professional product photography.


Creation, management and monitoring of Google Ads campaigns.


CorvusPay is the leading Croatian service in online card payments.


Professional translation of materials into German.